Bringing Venetian Bronze into Your Home

Bringing Venetian Bronze into Your Home
Bringing Venetian Bronze into Your Home



Updating kitchen and bath faucet fixtures is a simple, impactful way to start incorporating the Venetian Bronze finish in your home. If you’re looking for inspiration, consider the Addison kitchen faucet, for a blend of contemporary and traditional styles, or the Trinsic bathroom faucet, whose clean, contemporary lines pair nicely with the more traditional Venetian Bronze finish. For a cohesive look, be sure to update your cabinet pulls to a bronze finish as well, unless you want to mix metals, in which case you’re free to follow your design tastes.

Delta Venetian Bronze bathroom fixtures

Adding fixtures with a Venetian Bronze finish is an easy way to incorporate the color in your home, whether you have a more traditional kitchen (top, featuring the Cassidy Collection) or a contemporary bath (above, featuring the Trinsic Collection).



Lighting brightens a room, of course, but it is also a key element of the design. When choosing lighting for your bathroom or kitchen, think about bathroom wall sconces and kitchen counter lamps in this intriguing shade. If you’re changing out your overhead lighting, look for Venetian Bronze detailing.



Go bold—paint your walls bronze. If the thought of using an intensely dark shade is daunting, start with a Venetian Bronze color in a small bathroom, like a powder room. If you prefer wallpaper, choose one that has hints of Venetian Bronze in the print. Especially in a small bathroom, it’s OK for wallpaper to be wild.


Bronze walls make a dramatic statement in the home. Pair the color with darker accents, from a countertop and mirror frame, for example, and lighter elements, such as a glass container and a faucet with a dazzling finish.



Accessorizing is the easiest way to add Venetian Bronze in your home. Find this shade in picture frames, decorative bowls and bookends. If you want a stronger color commitment, Venetian Bronze frames for your artwork and mirrors provide beautiful design details.

Delta Venetian Bronze fixtures

Soap dispensers, towel rings, candle holders and other bronze accessories can be easily added to bring a bit of Venetian Bronze into your living space.


Make a stylish statement in your home by upgrading your faucet. Check out these Delta Faucet products for the kitchen and bath that feature the Venetian Bronze finish.